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After months or even years of the same living room furnishings, your living room can become a bit outdated.  Even though you may be tempted to run out and purchase new furniture, you may be interested to learn that there are less expensive options.  The right décor pieces and accessory elements can infuse freshness in your space sometimes more effectively than all new furniture.


Who would have thought that changing a simple thing like lighting could make such a difference in a room?  However, designers and home stagers frequently use this trick to make a dramatic impact. New lighting can significantly alter the way light is diffused in the room which, in turn, changes the entire look of the room. Try replacing your old lamps with edgy interesting floor or table lamps. Choose a lamp that is unique and interesting which can also double up as a feature décor piece.  Another consideration regarding lighting is light bulb wattage. Higher wattages can highlight design elements that are already there and lower wattages in lamps can create a cozy feel.


Introducing new textures and patterns into your décor can completely alter the look of your room without replacing even one piece of furniture.  Hanging new drapery in modern colors and patterns, covering old pillows with pillow covers that feature interesting trendy motifs, or investing in natural material rugs or pillow covers made from jute are just a few ways that textiles can transform and modernize a dull living room.

Wall Art

There are many ways that art can modernize and update your living room.  Artistically designed mirrors can be strategically placed to make a room look bigger and brighter.  Or, instead of hanging art pieces at random, go for artistic photography that stays evergreen. For an extra artisanal touch, add a collage of eye-catching photography pieces on a wall as a focal point.

Décor pieces

If you’ve been living with the same furnishings for years, then chances are your living room could use some updating.  Instead of spending hundreds or thousands on new furniture, consider some less expensive accent elements and decor pieces to bring your space up to date. Even small touches in the form of a tall plant in a belly basket, wire baskets to store your books, candle stands or trendy vases can do a lot to freshen up an outdated space.

July 02, 2017 by The Daily Curator