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Whatever your age and mindset, dark and gloomy rooms can be difficult to cope with, and the stark glare of electric light can make matters worse. But there's a simple and beautiful solution - candlelight. The soft glow of candles will sweep the shadows out of your home in an instant, replacing them with a warm, uplifting radiance. Here are some bright ideas for using candles to best effect around your house or apartment.

Arrange flames at different heights

Place candles at different levels, from a table top to a high shelf, or set a row of candles of different sizes along one surface. The varied heights of the flames will set your walls dancing with light. But ensure that all your chosen candle positions are safe from potential knocks and tips, and out of reach of any children who may be around.

Reflect your candlelight

Position your candles opposite mirrors to reflect their glows and generate extra light. Several mirrors, set at angles to one another, will multiply the effect, producing a fascinating ripple of repeats. Nooks and corners may also reflect the glow, especially if the walls are white or pale. Make use of other reflectors, too, such as shiny ornaments and glassware, to catch the candlelight. Every little glint and twinkle will help beat the gloom.

Use candles with the right scent

Scented candles are a great way to create a relaxing spa-like experience in your home. Choose the right scents for each section in the house to achieve an atmosphere that fits the function of that specific area. Citrus scents create a clean and fresh smell that is appropriate for the kitchen, floral scents work best in bathrooms and sweet scents such as vanilla and fruit are suitable for the living room and bedrooms.

Use tinted lanterns, shimmering shades or stylish holders

Bring colour and sheen to your candlelight by letting it shine through tinted, translucent lanterns and other flame protectors. Choose colour-tinted candle covers, pick tones that will complement or blend with the colour scheme of your decor; the harmonies will enhance the mellow softness of the light. Some candle covers will radiate the flame's shimmer around the walls, while others will shape it into a spotlight or lozenge. 

Create extra sparkle with shiny candle holders or stands. These will reflect the flames from below, adding another dimension to their glow. For best effect, their colours should tie in with those of your walls or furnishings, enhancing the mellow softness of the light.

Safety note

The smallest of flames can start a fire, and any fire can quickly spread out of control, so always put safety first when using candles. Take care to keep flames, lighters and matches out of reach of young fingers, and make sure all your candles are securely placed on heat-proof surfaces, out of harm's way and never leave lit candles unattended. With suitable safety measures in place, you can relax!

There's nothing like candlelight for lifting spirits! See how it cheers your family and delights your visitors, and bask in its magic charm yourself.

July 02, 2017 by The Daily Curator