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Written by Word Gypsy

The lighting you choose for any living space influences how it will appear. You can choose your fixtures to change the appearance of the entire room or a portion of it. Lighting can also be used to enhance the functionality of the space or to draw attention to a specific aspect of it. Here are five interesting ways that lighting can be used to transform a room.

Influence the Atmosphere and Mood

The lighting you select influences the ambience of the room. Choosing all three lighting types (general, task, and accent) allows you to create bright spaces for sharp delineation and shaded areas for peaceful relaxation. Install dimmers in rooms that can benefit from soft lighting, such as bedrooms, guest rooms, and the living room. Choose bright light for rooms that are designed for high traffic, such as the kitchen and den. The more lighting that you use in a room, the more vibrant the space will seem when you enter it. 

Create the Illusion of Spaciousness

If a room is shrouded in shade and dark colours, choose bright lighting to take away the gloom. If you use lighting techniques, such as wall washing, you can create the illusion that the room is actually larger than it is. You can also incorporate cluster lighting into the design to make the room appear wider and recessed lighting to make the room look taller than it is.

Provide Targeted Functionality

Task lighting is designed to direct illumination to a specific area of the room in order to enhance the ability to perform a specific activity. For example, lamps placed alongside the sofa or above the bed make it easier to read, while lighting above a desk or work table makes it easier to complete paperwork, needlework, or crafts.

Highlight Decorative Pieces

If you want to draw attention to specific pieces of artwork or unique furnishings, select a variety of accent lighting fixtures that can be used to focus on them. Be sure to select your fixture so that it matches in colouring and design.

Provide Safety

Above and foremost, the purpose of lighting is to create safety for your home. The lighting that you choose should help to keep you safe by providing sufficient illumination to see where you are going and what you are doing.

Summing Up

The lighting choices that you make can influence how the room looks as well as how functional it is. To enhance the existing mood of the room or to create an entirely different atmosphere, you might want to select bright lights or warmly coloured light bulbs, depending on your goal. To create the illusion of spaciousness, install recessed lighting to wash the walls in illumination or cluster lighting to make it appear wider. To enhance the functionality of the room, consider task lighting in addition to general lighting choices. Accent lighting is perfect if you want to draw attention to something unique within your home. Each room should be lit well enough to allow you to see where you are going.

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May 29, 2016 by The Daily Curator