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Written by J.R Mitchell

Everyone wants their home to look beautiful and charming. You might not have enough time to achieve this if you have a busy professional and social life. There are, however, many small and inexpensive ways in which you can brighten up your home. Improving your home décor can make your house feel welcoming and full of life.  Here are five simple tips to brighten up your home.

Natural Light

Natural light makes your home feel full of life and will boost your spirits more. You should consider taking down heavy curtains and blinds to let more sunlight flow into your abode. This makes your living room look brighter and it will be easier to read and write with the improved visibility. You could replace the heavy curtains with linen sheeting if you want more privacy


Placing multiple mirrors in hallways, stairways, and across the walls can give the appearance of extra space. The light will reflect off the mirrors, creating scenic shapes when light bounces at different angles. You can add more brightness and contrast to your home by placing multiple mirrors in strategic locations.

Flowers and Plants

Adding beautiful flowers or plants to a room will bring bright colors, life and warmth to you home. They will also release a pleasing scent and freshen up a room. Flowers can add another dimension to your shelves and photo displays. They are an excellent complement for a fireplace or windowsill.

It can become expensive to purchase new flowers on a regular basis. You could grow your own flowers in your garden at almost no cost. If you don't have access to a garden, you might want to obtain artificial flowers that look just like genuine flowers. These synthetic flowers will last a lifetime, and if you rotate their location, none of your regular guests will ever notice.

Furniture Positioning

Your rooms should have a visual focus for the eye. This could be a large ornament, a group of vibrant plants, or a piece of antique furniture. Arrange your furniture so that they accentuate the room's ornaments. Don't place wooden furniture too close to direct sunlight, because this can warp the wood. Be sure that the couches and chairs have enough leg space, so the room will have a welcoming appearance.


This is the most interesting way to brighten and change the aura of a room. Accessories are quick and easy to experiment with at home. You can change cushions and shades to various colors. Candles will bring a romantic touch while porcelain figurines add more intrigue to your living space. The best accessories are large photographs and paintings, as they will catch everyone's attention when they walk into the room. You can find inexpensive and beautiful pictures at ebay.com.

Brightening your home can be a fun and easy process if you follow these tips. It will make your home a visually appealing place to relax and entertain guests.


June 28, 2016 by The Daily Curator